“I engaged Elissa to sort out a debate with another person on how we were related if at all. The report received back was very comprehensive and indeed solved the relationship issue. Next I asked  if she could find any details of my biological mother. I received a wonderful reply with details  of  my mother’s birth date and death date and places. Also her parents details. In addition she located a half brother, I knew nothing about, I have been in contact with them. I do not hesitate to recommend Elissa for any research needs.”

– Allan C, BC, Canada


“Recently I have had the immense satisfaction and pleasure of receiving the services of Elissa Aldous-Hughes, Genealogist in tracing my family history. Her work is exemplary, thorough and efficient and her ability to discover family, past and present, is unrivaled. Her natural instinct for all things genealogical is very impressive, but  surpassing all her considerable ability is her understanding, kindness and alacrity. My wife and I cannot speak too highly of our pleasure with all aspects of her work, disposition and temperament. A truly prized researcher into family history.”

– Iwan Hughes

“I contacted Elissa for help with a dead-end I had come to in my family history.   I had tried to dig up anything on my great, great grandfather for 6 years with no success.  Very quickly Elissa managed to solve a few riddles and start the ball rolling and now I finally have some answers.   She wrote a very impressive, professional report on the findings and has since been a wealth of information on historical information on Liverpool and Manchester.  I would highly recommend her services”

– M. L.  Bos, Vancouver, Canada

“I found Elissa’s work on the Family History project most efficient and thorough. Everything was explained clearly and the finished report was most attractively presented.  I felt she really showed a shared interest in the challenge of the search.  I shall be back with another family search soon.”

– David, Carmarthenshire

“I was adopted as a baby and asked Elissa to help me trace my birth family. She did far more than I could have hoped for. As well as providing a lot of in depth information going back a few generations she also tracked down my half brother and sister with whom I am now in regular contact. Elissa has had a profound effect on my life as thanks to her work I now have a whole new family.”

– Sue Burger

“I asked Elissa to do some research on my English relatives about 15 months ago.  I was amazed at the detail she provided regarding my family who lived in the Midlands in the 1800s.  It wasn’t just names and dates, it was a fascinating story.  I tell friends it is like reading a Jane Austen novel.  I have used Elissa’s services several times since and will continue to do so. I continue to be awed by the quality of her research and her rates are very reasonable.”

– Penny Debrowski, Canada