Like families, no two genealogical reports are the same. The format of each report is tailored to your specific interests and requirements, so while some reports focus solely on one individual, others chronologically trace numerous generations, either remaining with a single surname or encompassing all ancestors.

As a rule of thumb I write a narrative, chronological biography for each individual or married couple you are interested in. This biography traces each individual from cradle to grave, including details on their parents, siblings, marriage, children, occupations, death and burial. Additional details such as school records, military service or appearances in local newspapers will be included where possible.  The narrative format ensures the progression through their lives is easy to follow and also helps to highlight the human story which I feel is often missed in a dry list of names and dates.

Depending on how many ancestors you asked me to investigate, all individual biographies are put together in an overall report alongside an A4-sized family tree which shows how you are related to the individuals included in the report. I am completely flexible, so depending on your specific interests and budget my report can include a number of biographies, detailing the lives of multiple generations of your family, or just one biography, focused on one individual or married couple.

All my reports are fully referenced, allowing you to understand where the information has come from while also making it possible to easily expand the research and investigate other family members of interest in the future.

If, in the process of my research, it is necessary to order copies of some birth, marriage or death certificates I can order these on your behalf, charged at cost from the General Register Office. All certificates ordered will then be sent to you, as part of your report.

Depending on your preference the report can be posted to you in a presentation folder or emailed as a pdf. A number of my clients have given my reports to one of their family as a special Christmas or birthday gift.

For more information about what I can create for your family please get in touch using the Contact page.