Each project is different, so it is impossible to say definitively how much your research will cost before I have been able to assess the surname, area, issue and time period involved. However, presuming an average family, the following estimates provide an idea of the costs involved:

  • A biography tracing a married couple from birth to death usually costs £250 and will also include copies of up to five wills or birth, marriage and death certificates, whichever is most pertinent to the research.
  • An A2-sized family tree including all your great-grandparents down to you, your children and your grandchildren (six generations, 17+ individuals) usually costs £120. A larger tree, starting with you and tracing back to your great-great-grandparents (five generations, 31+ individuals) would require more research time and therefore would usually cost £200-250. The price would be reduced if you have already researched your family and can therefore provide some or all of the relevant details.
  • All other research is charged at £20 per hour. Research at the National Library of Wales may incur extra travel expenses and camera permit/copying charges, depending on the job, all of which will be agreed before any work is undertaken.

Before commencing research I will provide an estimate of what I hope to be able to find and how many hours work will be required. Unfortunately the vagaries of records available mean results are not always forthcoming, or problems may be slower, or faster, to solve than expected. If during the course of my work such issues do arise I will contact you to discuss the situation and decide how to progress, ensuring you have complete control over how much you spend.

Unfortunately, although I will always try my hardest to trace your relatives, sometimes the records simply do not exist, so I cannot guarantee I will always be able to make the discoveries you are hoping for.

Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. Payment is normally only due on completion of the research.