Having researched my own family extensively I know how exciting, satisfying and thought-provoking discovering your roots can be. However it can also be intimidating, time-consuming and frustrating and sometimes a helping hand, or even just a fresh pair of eyes, can speed you on in your discoveries.

Whether you want help getting started, a full family tree stretching back multiple generations, a living relative traced, detailed research into a single individual or help solving a family mystery I am happy to help.

I first began researching family histories over nine years ago and have been working full-time as a genealogical researcher since gaining a First Class Honours Degree in History in 2016. I am registered under the Data Protection Act, so you can rest assured that I will treat all information about you and your family as completely confidential.

I believe the most rewarding aspect of family history research is finding personal insights into a relative’s life, far beyond the bare bones of names and dates. In my research I therefore consult a wide range of sources, such as wills, newspapers, maps and school records, allowing the creation of a more rounded, nuanced image of your family. Discovering an ancestor’s place on the village rugby team, their feud with a neighbour or the attendees at their wedding allows a rare glimpse at the real person lost in history and to me is the real heart of family history. Even if you think there is ‘no-one special’ in your family tree it is still possible to discover a wealth of information about who your family was and how they lived their lives.

For more information please explore my website or get in touch using the Contact page.