Research is charged at £15 per hour. Payment can be made by cheque, bank transfer or Paypal. As an estimate and presuming there are no significant problems, an investigation going back one generation to discover a known individual’s parents generally takes six to seven hours, while a report detailing the parents and both maternal and paternal grandparents of a known individual usually requires 17 to 20 hours work.

Before commencing research I will provide an estimate of what I hope to be able to find and how many hours work will be required. The vagaries of records available mean results are not always forthcoming, or problems may be slower, or faster, to solve than expected. However, if during the course of my work such issues do arise I will contact you to discuss the situation and decide how to progress, ensuring you have complete control over how much you spend.

It is also sometimes necessary to purchase additional documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates. I can order these for you at cost price, although it is often possible to conduct extensive research without such documents. Before ordering I will always discuss with you how much these documents would cost and their significance in progressing research, allowing you to weight up how you want to proceed.